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I went through a huge cleanup of my website in late 2013 and, as such, my diary is now much tidier and is devoid of plenty of crap. I’ve re-aggregated content and made sure things are much more accessible.

Perl Gems 02 Jan 2015

or, how Ruby has changed the way I write Perl.

This post prodded into being by sawyer and moritz.

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Review: The Inevitable End 05 Nov 2014

or, how Röyksopp's album output ended unexpectedly.

As something of a follow-up to my last review of Do It Again, I thought I might also review The Inevitable End, which is currently in the “you can’t have it but you can stream it” part of it’s pre-release madness.

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Maple Sucks 13 Jun 2014

or, the sound of me slowly losing my mind.

The advent of the computer algebra system (CAS) has been met at my university’s School of Mathematics and Statistics with the creation of a second-class, badly specified “Computing” strand in the syllabus, which ostensibly teaches us how computing works in the context of mathematics. Naturally, they chose the worst CAS to do so in.

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The curious incident of elspeth in the mid-afternoon 08 Jun 2014

or, how Apple support are hopeless, how Apple's 'geniuses' are thick, and why I'll never buy Apple again.

While writing my treatise on the naming scheme I’ve adopted, a few funny stories came to mind. The first of them is the fun I had with elspeth and a dead motherboard.

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Review: Do It Again 23 May 2014

This was originally slated for release in The Turtalian; I'm reproducing it here.

Just hours before the magazine went to press last week, Do It Again, the well-anticipated collaborative EP from Norwegian electronic duo, Röyksopp, and Swedish pop-vocalist Robyn, was officially released after weeks of speculation about it.

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inara: panic(9) postmortem 22 Apr 2014

panic: make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=dri/card0)
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Host Naming 09 Apr 2014

wherein I explain my naming scheme.

I’ve often gotten interesting questions about my hostname scheme. I am, after all, one of the few people that most people meet who not only has many systems, but uniquely and meaningfully names most of them (instead of using default, mainly meaningless names like mac-mac-ii).

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Two months with Arch Linux 08 Apr 2014

wherein our hero lauds the beauty of a distro that he doesn't hate.

jaenelle, surreal and menolly all run Arch Linux, and I’ve come across some interesting quirks in the OS that deserve mentioning over the last few months.

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One month with jaenelle 08 Apr 2014

or, how Lenovo no longer annoys me.

I ordered a laptop on February 4, just over two months ago. It arrived on March 11 (at long last!) and I got it operating nicely within a day or two.

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Space Cadet, Redux 03 Mar 2014

or how Steve Losh inspired me to rethink typing.

I should probably begin with the fact that this is wholly inspired by Steve Losh’s fairly popular article, “A Modern Space Cadet”, and you should read that before continuing.

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Lenovo Annoys Me 03 Mar 2014

wherein I buy a laptop, and Lenovo screws up.

I ordered a laptop on February 4, exactly a month ago now. And of course it’s not yet arrived.

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Sassy New Year 29 Jan 2014

wherein our intrepid hero switches his website to use Sass/SCSS, not LESS.

I’m now long overdue to push my updated site, which is supposed to have been ready for the beginning of this year, live. The bottleneck is, as usual, styling and content mangling.

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GNOME's Approach is Silly 12 Jan 2014

GNOME has a disturbing, almost paralytic dependence on the GNU Autotools. I’ve already ranted about weird tools once tonight, and yet, here we go again.

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Hello, Python 12 Jan 2014

I’ve decided, then, to bite the bullet and learn the one programming language that I truly, truly hate: Python. And I’m going to implement Hellvetica in it.

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Goodbye, Vala 12 Jan 2014

Towards the end of last year, I started to learn Vala, the next generation programming language of the Linux desktop, and I wasn’t overawed by what I found.

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Making my website faster 03 Jan 2014

I fed my (old) website into WebPageTest and PageSpeed Insights to see what performance improvements I could glean out of it. The results were interesting.

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New Year, New Website 01 Jan 2014

This is my first post in quite a while, and my website looks fairly different, so I shall enumerate the many changes. And yes, there have been many changes.

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The Art of Science Fiction 08 Oct 2013

Science fiction is, by far, one of my favourite genres.

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unbeldi hackery, continued 07 Oct 2013

So, half an hour in, I thought it best to start documenting what I was doing.

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unbeldi hackery 07 Oct 2013

unbeldi, which I’ve spoken about before, is a very, very nasty hack that pulls data from a variety of sources and aggregates them to generate content into my website. I consistently bemoan it because it’s a pain and really shouldn’t work at all.

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Ruby Markdown Performance 06 Oct 2013


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Review: 'The Dreamers' by Oliver Dahl 04 Oct 2013


The Dreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen
by Oliver Dahl

rated 6.9/10

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Leap Motion and Dasher (redux) 30 Sep 2013

OK, so I’m going to sit here and write a bit to see how fast I can go with Dasher typing for me. The Leap Motion platform is actually an excellent assistive technology input method and once both the user and the software have come up to speed, the input is both fluid and functional. It’s quite easy to reach a pleasant cruising speed with some practice and I must say that the Dasher predictive engine performs very well indeed.

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Sings Like A... 21 Sep 2013

So, I’ve decided to take Nightingale, the community fork of Songbird for a spin to see what it can do.

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Leap Motion and Dasher 21 Sep 2013

I have a sneaky suspicion that Dasher will work very well with the Leap Motion, so off to download that to see if it does what I want. Or even works on OS X.

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One Giant Leap (Motion) for Mankind 21 Sep 2013

Can I just say, interacting with a computer via a Leap Motion is an incredibly challenging task.

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Irony 21 Sep 2013

Because of the way my website is assembled by unbeldi, I actually lose a surprising amount of control over the way I can put content into it, which upsets Jekyll.

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Content Preparation 20 Sep 2013

Also, a little bit of website backend work to make it all, well, work.

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Wireless Failover on Fedora Linux 20 Sep 2013

One of the major features I love on FreeBSD is the ability to easily and painlessly configure interface failover between a wired and wireless network interface on a laptop, configurable with just a handful of commands. This has been around since around FreeBSD 6.3, powered by the lagg(4) driver.

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Typeface Grand Tours: Oroton 31 Aug 2013

For the first in my series of Typeface Grand Tours, I had a look at the Oroton website and said, “hm, I recognise some of these fonts!”

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Bad Behaviour: "using Zsh, cannot show progress, be patient" 10 Aug 2013

“using Zsh, cannot show progress, be patient…”

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Bad Behaviour: RVM and sudo 10 Aug 2013

Please be horrified after the tone.

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The Australian Electoral Commission: A Tragedy in n + 1 Parts 09 Aug 2013

And now: the Australian Electoral Commission’s ability to understand and answer questions.

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Briefly: Vox 07 Aug 2013

Today’s new toy: Vox. It’s very nice, but doesn’t have the music library management niceness of iTunes.

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BOINC, Time Machine and Extended Attributes 06 Aug 2013

Today’s obnoxious pain in the ass: BOINC and Time Machine.

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Mobile Devices: The Others 31 Jul 2013

Something that’s only just occurred to me (as I post my last long-form to social media and disappear into the noise) is, of course, devices that run other things entirely.

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On the Australian Technology Tax and Samsung 31 Jul 2013

As an Australian, I get to see the net results of what I will happily call the biggest, most wide-reaching artificial price inflation it has ever been my displeasure to have to live with.

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Mobile Phones: Assorted Thoughts 31 Jul 2013

Having just gotten into a interesting discussion while procrastinating (yay!), I may as well expand my thoughts, since tweets are much to small for this. This is, thus, a sort of pseudo-complete set of ideas about what my thoughts on this topic are, replete with some analysis.

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Hasselblad Lunar 02 Jun 2013

So Apple just issued a “Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update” which I typically use to read over the ‘added compatibility’ list to go drool over cameras. Today: the Hasselblad Lunar.

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Random Access Memories 14 May 2013


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"Linux" for "Dummies" 05 May 2013

-bash: ifconfig: command not found
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xz(1): manpage vs. reality 05 May 2013

Oof, xz is slow on elspeth. I wonder why it’s threading is broken.

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Mangled-brot 28 Apr 2013

There’s a Mandelbrot set renderer floating around; it’s currently high up on r/linux, because it’s entirely written in bash.

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Smart Matching is Evil 27 Apr 2013

While, on paper, Perl’s “smart matching” operator was the best thing since sliced bread, in reality it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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The Miracle of Dist::Zilla 26 Apr 2013

In other news, while CPAN frantically installs about a million packages, I’ve finally made a breakthrough in understanding what Dist::Zilla is for.

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Google Play Books 23 Apr 2013

Here’s how Google Play Books works.

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cpanminus and Dist::Zilla 14 Apr 2013

Currently, I’m grappling with CPANMinus and Dist::Zilla, two acclaimed Perl modules for distribution management.

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Film: Johnny English Reborn 12 Apr 2013

Watched Johnny English Reborn. Hilarious.

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Pondrous Progress 12 Apr 2013

So, as part of my work on the guts of Pondr, I’ve decided to split apart the front-end and backend code into two separate applications.

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Email address parsing 29 Mar 2013

A brutal email to HSC Hub:

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