Kogan is an Australian-owned online only consumer electronics reseller. They specialise in low-cost (incredibly so) devices that they manufacture or on-sell themselves. Today, I bought a new Android smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (which I’ll talk about when I get mine…) from Kogan, who were surprisingly competitive about pricing it: Dick Smith Electronics priced it at $449, the list price is about $399, and Kogan took it to $349 (I got mine at $359).

Admittedly, they also offered Android phones from the brand Apple:

Screenshot of the Kogan website, showing the search criteria 'Phones' and 'Android Phones' selected, and offering, under the option for 'Brand', Apple.

So, after about a week of constant umming-and-aahing, finally bought today, to be confronted with the following very lovely message.

Screenshot of the Kogan website, showing the price validation security feature, with the text 'In order to keep our prices down, security is very important to usYou have been charged slightly less than your checkout total - This is to help verify your order.'

How helpful.

Boxing Day is a public holiday, even though stores are open left, right and centre to flog “special” prices that merely lack a festive markup – the infamous “Boxing Day Sales” – and millions of credit card transactions are taking place today. And yet, real-time credit transaction information isn’t available from at least one of the so-called Big Four Banks. Of course, working backwards from the credit limit, it’s possible to determine the price, but it still leaves a foul taste in my hands.

So, I’ll pass on buying from Kogan ever again. But I look forward to playing with my new phone, which should be shipped on the 4th of 2013.