Because of the way my website is assembled by unbeldi, I actually lose a surprising amount of control over the way I can put content into it, which upsets Jekyll.

Jekyll takes a path like _posts/2013-09-21-index.markdown and turns it into, in my case, /diary/2013/09/21/index.html — this lets me refer to pages as /diary/2013/09/21 and everything Just Works. But because everything is aggregated into the one file, which is auto-generated, I lose the fine control of Jekyll which would let me have multiple separate post files for one day (with ordering done by magic).

On the other hand, all the content is more accessible and has a far nicer file and section naming/permalinking scheme. I don’t know what the permalink for this particular section will look like, but I know it’ll look like #jot-110751.

*sigh*. Wheel reinvented.