So Apple just issued a “Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update” which I typically use to read over the ‘added compatibility’ list to go drool over cameras. Today: the Hasselblad Lunar.

It’s a (quite beautifully) rebadged Sony NEX-7 MILC. While that body is nearly two years old, it’s still a particularly modern camera. Not quite a full-frame camera, but pushing that size, with an APS-C sensor that’s 23.4x15.6mm, shooting at 6000x4000, or 24.3 Mpx.

Hasselblad will be marketing it from 5000 EUR, which is ~AU$6700. Meanwhile, the NEX-7 is available for around AU$1000 from a variety of locations. The extra AU$5000 smells like a ~~Apple~~ Hasselblad Tax.

But this camera looks very nice, and I wouldn’t mind one; it’s much more affordable than Hasselblad’s usual fare.