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[Photo by Michelle Dwight.] Jashank Jeremy

In order of preference, you can contact me in these ways.

Email me

Send me an email at

jashank .AT. rulingia .DOT. com

I usually read my email regularly, even when I’m on the road.

Message me

I’m fairly active on the Freenode, OzOrg and GoodChatting IRC networks as jashank. I’m online, though idle, at essentially all times unless something catastrophic has happened. I should be able to respond to messages within 24 hours.

Connect with me

You can also send me a message via Twitter, where I’m @JashankJ, and likely via a number of other social media services. The chances I’ll reply to messages via social networks is much slimmer.

Phone me

If you have my phone number, then yes, phone me. I’m also reachable via Google+ Hangouts and the Skype internet telephony service. I don’t use the latter very much anymore, and the chances you’ll be able to get through to me on either service without having arranged a call in advance are marginal.