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Jashank Jeremy

[Photo by Michelle Dwight.]

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The curious incident of elspeth in the mid-afternoon 08 Jun 2014

or, how Apple support are hopeless, how Apple's 'geniuses' are thick, and why I'll never buy Apple again.

While writing my treatise on the naming scheme I’ve adopted, a few funny stories came to mind. The first of them is the fun I had with elspeth and a dead motherboard.

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Review: Do It Again 23 May 2014

This was originally slated for release in The Turtalian; I'm reproducing it here.

Just hours before the magazine went to press last week, Do It Again, the well-anticipated collaborative EP from Norwegian electronic duo, Röyksopp, and Swedish pop-vocalist Robyn, was officially released after weeks of speculation about it.

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inara: panic(9) postmortem 22 Apr 2014

panic: make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=dri/card0)
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Host Naming 09 Apr 2014

wherein I explain my naming scheme.

I’ve often gotten interesting questions about my hostname scheme. I am, after all, one of the few people that most people meet who not only has many systems, but uniquely and meaningfully names most of them (instead of using default, mainly meaningless names like mac-mac-ii).

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Two months with Arch Linux 08 Apr 2014

wherein our hero lauds the beauty of a distro that he doesn't hate.

jaenelle, surreal and menolly all run Arch Linux, and I’ve come across some interesting quirks in the OS that deserve mentioning over the last few months.

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