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Jashank Jeremy

[Photo by Michelle Dwight.]

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Sassy New Year 29 Jan 2014

I’m now long overdue to push my updated site, which is supposed to have been ready for the beginning of this year, live. The bottleneck is, as usual, styling and content mangling.

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GNOME's Approach is Silly 12 Jan 2014

GNOME has a disturbing, almost paralytic dependence on the GNU Autotools. I’ve already ranted about weird tools once tonight, and yet, here we go again.

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Hello, Python 12 Jan 2014

I’ve decided, then, to bite the bullet and learn the one programming language that I truly, truly hate: Python. And I’m going to implement Hellvetica in it.

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Goodbye, Vala 12 Jan 2014

Towards the end of last year, I started to learn Vala, the next generation programming language of the Linux desktop, and I wasn’t overawed by what I found.

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Making my website faster 03 Jan 2014

I fed my (old) website into WebPageTest and PageSpeed Insights to see what performance improvements I could glean out of it. The results were interesting.

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